Introduction and Context

These regulations govern all libraries (and all other space designated for library use), resources and facilities falling under the jurisdiction of the Head of Library Services.

These regulations apply to both registered users and visitors to the libraries. Please read these Regulations carefully, as ignorance of them cannot be accepted as an excuse for non-observance. By order of the Institute.

The Head of Library Services, or any person nominated by him/her, has authority to maintain good order in the Library and may exclude from it or suspend from its use or levy a fine any user who breaks Library Regulations. The Librarian may report to the Deputy Principal any person responsible for serious or persistent breach of such Regulations: such conduct will be considered a breach of Institute discipline.

Who to use the Library

All members of the Institute Council, members of the teaching and administrative staff, registered students and alumni of University are entitled to use the library as readers. The Director may admit other authorized persons who are not members of the Institute to use the library. She/He also reserves the right, subject to the approval of the Senate Library Committee, to exclude from all use of the Library any person owing to persistent disregard of the Library Regulations, or for any other adequate cause which shall be considered to be undesirable in his/her opinion. Suspension of student defaulters shall be effective until such time as their cases shall have been considered by the Institute Disciplinary committee.

Opening hours

The Library shall be open during such periods of the year and during such hours as the Institute may from time to time prescribe.

Borrowing and Registration

  1. Teaching staffs are eligible to borrow up to five (5) volumes at a time while students are allowed to borrow up to two copies at a time. The maximum loan period for staffs is Fourteen (14) days and for other materials such as videos tapes and CDs is not more than Twelve (12) hours unless as per authorization from the administration. The maximum loan period for students is three (3) days.
  2. All items may be borrowed with the exception of works of reference, special materials in great demand placed temporarily on Reference or short term no library material may be taken from the library unless the loan has been recorded at the Issue Desk. The borrower shall be responsible for loans until the record has been canceled. Loaned items may not be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the Library and formally reissued.
  3. A borrower is held personally responsible for the safe custody of any material on loan to him/her. He/she shall be required to pay the cost of replacement of any item which is lost whilst on loan to him/her and shall be liable to pay such compensation as may be fixed by the Librarian for any damage sustained by an item while in his/her custody. Further to the above:
  4. The Librarian is empowered to decline to issue any particular items or to restrict their circulation.
  5. Items other than items\ may be borrowed for limited periods with the express permission of the Librarian.
  6. So far none is allowed to borrow during vacation except teaching staff and Administrative staff.

Returning of Items

  • While the library is open, items can be surrendered at the Issue Desk where the borrowing record will be canceled.
  • When one cannot return the items in person, he/she should send a friend as fines will be charged for over dues, whatever the reason was given.