The Seafarer’s Day is celebrated on June 25, each year. On this day, people pay gratitude to seafarers and sailors who help the whole world work by transporting by sea. Even now global trade is still dependent on ocean transport, which is why seafarers and sailors are vital to the workings of the planet. Seafarers celebrated Seafarer Day last year and let the world know-how and why seafarers are indispensable to all. This year, the Day will highlight the significant contribution of seafarers from around the world to international seaborne trade, the global economy, and civil society as a whole, with the theme Seafarers Matter.

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The Seafarer’s Day was set in 2010 by a resolution adopted at the Manila Diplomatic Conference. The revised International Convention on Standards of Training , Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), the original STCW was to ensure, for their safety, an international standard of competency and welfare for seafarers and the revision was to ensure that the Seafarer Day was upheld as part of that. The conference aimed at honoring the importance of seafarers to society and the global economy.

The resolution encourages governments, shipping companies, companies associated with maritime trade and others to promote and sustain maritime trade and seafarers through Seafarer Day.

The day encourages international public and official conversations about seafarers and the well-being of those involved. Interactive media on Seafarer Day has proved to be extremely popular around the world, such as quizzes and interactive maps, videos and photo galleries, and social media hashtags and discussions. The goal of the day is to see activities taking place in ports and seafarers’ centers as well as online.