International Students

Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute (DMI) welcomes applicants from across the world to pursue Maritime Education and Training in the beautiful land of Mount Kilimanjaro. International students who wish to study at our institute:-

  1. Must verify their certificates through relevant authorities in Tanzania before making application to study at DMI.
  2. Form VI Certificates are verified by National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA)
  3. Ordinary Diploma Certificates are verified by National Accreditation Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and
  4. Bachelor Degree Certificates are verified by Tanzania Commission of Universities (TCU)

After being cleared by the relevant authority, you should submit your application at DMI for the further consideration. All Applicants should submit their application forms at DMI between March and August depending on the applied course. Upon being accepted for admission, you will be required to fulfill immigration entry requirements as relevant to your country of origin.